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6 Days

We can’t negotiate in the bloody press!
12 December 2022

A dramatisation of the SAS assault on the Iranian Embassy in London, besieged by terrorists in 1980. We follow the lead SAS soldier (Jamie Bell), the police negotiator (Mark Strong) and the BBC’s Kate Adie (Abbie Cornish).

A short, surprisingly level-headed take on an event which later became much discussed and politicised. Perhaps the non-SAS scenes are a little tedious, but the training for the assault and the assault itself are very well pulled off. They are creatively staged and confidently shot, providing a satisfying pay-off to a film which is mostly build-up.

Much like the operation itself, this doesn’t go off without a couple of hiccups but it’s a competent and effective action thriller.

Abbie Cornish’s accent is ridiculous (sorry Abbie).