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Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Do we still feel like strangers to you?
12 December 2022

A woman (Emma Corrin) marries a wealthy landowner, but when he comes back wounded from the war she has to look elsewhere for intimacy. An adaptation of the notoriously steamy D.H. Lawrence novel.

Prolific amounts of artsy shagging. When Connie’s not shagging or getting shagged, she’s thinking about how and when she’s going to shag next. She’s visibly annoyed when anyone talks to her about anything non-shag related.

The 15 minutes of non-shagging footage are solid modern period drama fare - well shot, wonderful acting, great costume design, cold trendy colour grading, elegant dialogue with a modern but not completely anachronistic bent.

Perhaps it’s a little hollow at the core particularly as events draw to a close, but this adaptation captures raw passion, desire, love and lust in a way that few of its peers have managed to. It’s probably because they just show a lot of realistic shagging that’s not entirely from a male perspective (although I, a male, still enjoyed the shagging). It feels like cheating a bit but if it works, it works.

One to watch with the family on Christmas Eve.