Ben Oliver

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Life is short. Too short.
04 March 2023

A young climber (Grace Caroline Currey) is stuck in a rut after the death of her boyfriend. An influencer friend of hers (Virginia Gardner) persuades her to get back into the game with a mammoth climb up an old 2000ft radio tower in the desert. Shit gets real when they reach the top and their ladder breaks leaving them with no way down.

Terrible characters, terrible dialogue and terrible twists pad out quite a lot of Fall yet its simple premise delivers some cheap thrills and sweaty palms. It’s well shot and edited where it counts, and so despite you wanting the characters to fall to their deaths at some points it’s still quite entertaining.

To make the film they cleverly built a 100ft tower on the edge of a 2000ft high cliff, making the ground look a lot further away that it actually is. The practical effects and sparse use of CG surprised me for a reasonably low budget film, but the extra work pays off.

Despite being way too long and badly written, Fall is not without its merits. Worth a look for fans of constrained-location-thrillers.