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John Wick: Chapter 4

Have you given any thought to where this ends?
23 March 2023

John Wick continues to fight for his freedom, going fucking ballistic while never losing his cool.

The world of John Wick is pleasingly analog. People have phones, but messages are generally relayed via switchboard and on wax-sealed bits of paper. It’s a blend of digital and analog technology that gives a unique feel to the series. The old ways are the best. In a way, that’s the ethos of these films—blending modern film-making techniques with good old fashioned practical effects.

The set pieces are fab as usual, as is the art direction. They always find an oddball or grandiose location for things to unfold and this one is no different. The final third in Paris is wonderfully staged. There is one scene where he needs to go to Sacré-Cœur and he asks his mate ‘how close can you get me to the church?’ and his mate drops him off BLOODY MILES away but I’ll forgive it if it means some more crazy fight scenes.

Another meticulous, artful, inventive dose of ass-kicking from an unlikely franchise that has yet to produce a bad film. I enjoyed John Wick 31 but thought they should perhaps stop there, and I was wrong to suggest such a thing.

This time there’s more of a purpose and vulnerability to the title character as the film crescendos to its ending. Perhaps now is a good time to stop? It definitely seems to be a worthy conclusion to an epic tale.

At this point you’ll know if you want to see this so I’m probably preaching to the choir, but the quality of these films continues to catch me off-guard.

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