Ben Oliver

I’m back on the fediverse

04 May 2023

UPDATE 2023-06-05 I’m off it again. I had fun for a month but I don’t really have enough time or interest in social media to keep checking it.

Just a quick note to say I’ve made an account on the fediverse/mastodon/whatever-you-want-to-call-it again, my username is

You can plug the username into the search bar of whatever client you use and I should pop up.

I’m using GoToSocial1 this time, which is designed around having self-hosted single-user servers that don’t use many resources. It can talk to Mastodon, pleroma etc so if you are on any of those and want to chat… you can!

I find I have a nasty habit with social media of using it all day, or not at all for months on end. Not the case this time! (probably gonna be the case this time)