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Stone of Destiny

This road leads you out of London. Take it.
07 May 2023

A recounting of when some Scottish students stole the Stone of Scone aka the ‘Stone of Destiny’ from Westminster Abbey back in 1950, bringing it back to Scotland where it belongs.

You may have noticed there was a coronation down in London yesterday, but keen viewers looking under the King’s arse will have spotted a giant stone on a shelf under the wooden coronation chair. That’s the stone of destiny, a stone as old as Scotland itself, so the story goes. Any monarch who sits on the stone is granted the right to rule over Scotland. Handy if you require the right to rule over Scotland, like the King did yesterday.

Anyway in 1950 some kids nicked it, and in 2008 they made this light hearted heist movie about it where the two leads aren’t Scottish and are doing terrible accents. There is quite a strong but seemingly unintentional gay vibe between two of the characters which was unexpected. It’s engaging enough though since the story itself does most of the heavy lifting.

A flimsy bit of whimsy that nevertheless just about gets over the finish line in spite of its terrible writing.