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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The biggest trouble with her is the noise.
07 May 2023

Here we have what is often regarded as the worst of the three films.

Well, what I’d forgotten about Temple of Doom is how much there is to like about it. A Busby Berkeley dance number, a guy getting skewered on a kebab, some excellent effects work that still holds up and even a mine cart sequence.

The films starts out too wacky and gets far too dark in middle, but I sort of respect that it doesn’t pull any punches. There’s a full-blown human sacrifice, which isn’t funny or exciting at all, it’s just grim, and almost daring in its shock-value.

What really lets it down though is Kate Capshaw’s incredibly irritating character who whines through the whole film, and the not-so-casual racism particularly at the “monkey brains” dinner scene.

Lacks the swagger and easy flow of Raiders but still a very well made adventure film, if perhaps the weakest of the three.

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