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The Menu

It’s official. Tonight will be madness.
21 May 2023

A couple (Nicholas Hoult, Anya Taylor-Joy) attend an exclusive restaurant on an island, run by a deadly serious and well respected celebrity chef (Ralph Fiennes).

For starters (see what I did there), we’ll talk spoilers. While I would agree that coming into the film with very little prior knowledge of it is a good idea, I don’t think the screenplay relies too heavily on its twists and turns for entertainment. It’s really the comedy, the performances and to a lesser degree social commentary that drives the whole thing along.

While the point the film tries to make is a little basic and over-done (see again with the jokes), it’s delivered with such panache and style that I found it hard to resist. Plus I’ve had a few dinners that are so over-thought that they verge on the ridiculous, so it resonated with me to a certain extent.

The Menu runs out of steam before the dessert (I’m wrapping up don’t worry), but it’s mostly a stylish and fun poke at pretentious cuisine that explores the dynamic between those who serve, and those who are served.

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