Ben Oliver

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Tomorrow the sun will rise. All our enemies will be gone. Wiped away as if by the hand of God.
27 May 2023

A network of satellites created to protect the Earth start attacking Earth instead. Only space engineer Gerard Butler can save the day.

After yesterday’s film Plane1 turned out to be not completely terrible I thought perhaps it might be worth giving some other Gerard Butler films a chance. It was a waste of time, Geostorm has no redeeming features.

It’s a convoluted mess of a film, to the extent where I’m not sure I can confidently explain what happened. Ed Harris wants to become president of the USA by destroying the entire world? What is he going to preside over when there’s naff all left?

Also, why do they all have guns on the International Space Station?

Anyway who cares at this point, if you’re going to watch Geostorm you’re going to watch Geostorm and who am I to stop you?

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