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15 Years ago, I cloned an earthworm.
23 June 2023

Swamped with work and unable to take care of his wife and kids, a man (Michael Keaton) encounters an opportunity to clone himself and goes for it thinking it could give him a little more time at home while his clone works.

So the concept here is that he clones himself multiple times, resulting in a cool one, a gay one and a dumb one. That’s pretty much the backbone of all the comedy in the film and it wears thin, fast.

It makes frustratingly little sense either, so as a high-concept sci-fi sort of thing it also falls wide of the mark. There’s so much potential for this to go in interesting places given the profound implications that come with cloning oneself. Instead it just refuses to get off the ground.

A good cast (I am an Andie MacDowell apologist) isn’t enough to save this.

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