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Banner image for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Can this day get any damn weirder?
16 September 2023

A sequel to the 2018 hit1. Miles Morales encounters a multiverse of Spider-People who collaborate to protect their various worlds as well as the universe as a whole. When he finds out why he’s not a part of it, he has some tough decisions to make.


Bigger, bolder, brighter and louder than the first film. It’s another artful, vivid piece of work animated with true character and wit.

I haven’t heard many criticisms about it so I’ll throw out some naff hot takes. First, the plot is a bit too over-stuffed. Second, it’s a bit long. The crazy pace and colourful style of the film eventually wore me out a bit and I had to pause for five minutes. Third, not sure about the end. I want more films, but a cliffhanger didn’t do it for me after that wild ride.

Anyway that aside it’s another beautifully animated film, and it’s paired with a funny, clever, heartfelt script. Outstanding.

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