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Give me the goddamn kitty cat bracelet, motherfucker!
06 October 2023

A family man (Bob Odenkirk) in a 9-5 job reveals his dark violent past after his house is burgled by two petty criminals.

It’s an odd choice to have the burglars have nothing to do with the actual plot, other than to re-ignite Bob’s love for justice. He finds them and goes to get his stolen watch back, and on the bus home he runs into the Russian mob and kicks the shit out of them. It’s a chance encounter that kick-starts the whole thing and I’m not sure what they’re getting at with it.

This sort of film is very much style over substance though and it runs through all its tropes and cliches with such panache that I was very quick to forgive it.

Odenkirk is an unlikely action star, and along with all the vinyl needle drops, V8 engines and hot wife (Connie Nielsen), Nobody is firmly a middle-aged dad fantasy. It’s done well and with its tongue in its cheek, and when the shit hits the fan the action scenes are really well executed.

Yeah the story barely hangs together but I found it easy to buy into the feeling of catharsis and breaking out of the mould that Nobody is trying to sell.

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