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Beautiful Losers

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13 February 2024

A documentary about a group of artists that came to fame in the 90s and early 00s using a mostly DIY, mixed media style.

I think I might have already watched this not long after it came out, but it’s interesting seeing it now all these years later when names like Harmony Korine and Shepard Fairey are really well known. The scenes where they discuss how to make a living from art without selling out stand out because of their differing viewpoints and philosophies on the matter. Some kick back at the classic ‘fuck corporations’ attitude and suggest that to make a living doing what you believe in is art in and of itself, regardless of who’s paying. Others are more socially conscious and wary of where the money is coming and what’s being asked of them.

It’s a lovingly constructed film that aims to capture and explain the birth of a movement, inspire budding artists and itself be a work of art. Perhaps it doesn’t always succeed, but for the most part it’s a winner.

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