Ben Oliver

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Pull me out.
21 March 2024

An assassin (Andrea Riseborough) takes control of other’s bodies and uses them to kill people. After so many times doing this she struggles to detach again from the host bodies and has to fight for control from the lastest host (Christopher Abbott).

The idea that your job can make you into someone you don’t recognise I’m sure resonates with a lot of people and the film gets the point across in a slick but brutal way.

Possessor is a stylish and, in short bursts, violent film that’s well acted and has a unique mood and sense of atmosphere. However, and perhaps I’m having an off day, it didn’t grab me and I struggled to focus on it; something in the pacing of it lost me.

I don’t often say this, but I was a bit bored! I’ve been watching short videos today on YouTube (yes yes I’m late to the short video game) and perhaps it’s already shot my attention span to shit.