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Showing Up

I rescued a bird.
22 March 2024

A sculptor gearing up for a new show (Michelle Williams) struggles with day to day life while trying to prepare, most notably with her family and her neighbour (Hong Chau).

So maybe this lacks a bit of an emotional punch, but I still loved it. Michelle Williams is great in everything but she shines in this incredibly low-key sort of stuff. Maybe that feeling of having to deal with endless bullshit that never quite resolves resonated with me.

Showing Up is so laid back it’s horizontal, it’s almost an anti-screenplay, but it grabbed me nonetheless and often made me laugh out loud. I loved the look and feel of it, the art and the pigeon.

It’s not a landmark hard hitting film for the ages, but it’s crazy to me that it never got a release in the UK. Sad times.

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