Ben Oliver

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The Vampire Lovers

You must die! Everybody must die!
02 April 2024

A seductive vampire (Ingrid Pitt) begins to go after people in a small village in rural Austria.

Might as well go down a saucy vampire 70s Hammer horror rabbit hole. I’m not all that familiar with these films (even the older ones) and something about the blend of total campy schlock and remarkably good production design pulled me into watching more. Also Ingrid Pitt, who is really captivating here even with clothes on. This is the first of Hammer’s so-called Karnstein Trilogy, all based around the same area and family in Austria.

Once again it’s a free-wheeling mix of sex and violence in a period setting. It’s the same old vampire story you’ve heard before but there’s a shameless fun energy driving it all that put a smile on my face. Everyone is good looking. Everyone shags everyone and anything goes.