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Thy Neighbor’s Wife

I should have known you weren’t pushing them up for my benefit.
10 April 2024

A woman (Kari Wuhrer) seeks revenge for the death of her husband by integrating herself into a family’s home and destroying them one by one.

Also known as Poison, Midnight Vendetta and Sex Attraction. Always a good sign when your film has twelve titles. It doesn’t matter though since none of them make sense in the context of the film.

In fact the film as a whole doesn’t make a lot of sense. Our scorned lady, Ann, targets a family barely linked to her husband’s suicide. Even with that aside it’s hard to see why she is even upset at his death given that in the opening scene he effectively pimps her out to help close a business deal.

The idea is that she shags her way around the family to ‘destroy’ them but even that barely happens.

However as a standard-issue thriller is does kind of work. There’s tension and stakes and for some reason I found myself rooting for Ann in spite of her nonsense - perhaps because everyone else is either mean or stupid.

It’s worth a watch for Kari Wuhrer in her prime (however you happen to swing) and also the preposterously poor body double for Barbara Crampton which made me laugh out loud.