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How to use Gotify with Uptime Robot

Get notified when a website or internet service goes down.
06 September 2019

Uptime Robot1 is a decent service that checks websites to see if they are up. If they go down, you get notified.

There are lots of ways to get notified on there, including SMS and email, but I want to use Gotify to get pinged on my phone. Luckily, it’s pretty easy.

Create an app in Gotify

As usual, go to your Gotify admin page and create an application for Uptime Robot. Make sure to take note of the token it gives you.

Uptime Robot

Create a contact

Log into your Uptime Robot account, click on My Settings. Find Alert Contacts and click Add Alert Contact.

In Alert Contact Type select Webhook.

Give it a name, I chose Gotify.

URL to notify is your Gotify URL, with the token you got above, e.g.

Then you need to set the POST Value. This is up to you, but you at least need a message for your text. Mine looks like this:

    "title":"*monitorFriendlyName* *alertTypeFriendlyName*",

The options you can choose from are listed on the page, below.

Optionally you can tick Send as JSON - I did.

Leave Send default variables as POST parameters unticked.

Choose what to get notified of. I do Up and Down events.

Optional get SSL reminders (pro accounts only). I leave this unticked as I prefer just to get emails about these.

When you are done, click Create Alert Contact.

Enable the contact

You will now see Gotify as an option when you create new sites to monitor. Uptime Robot has a handy bulk-editing tool underneath the Add New Monitor button if you want to set them all at once.


That’s all there is to it. You now will get pinged when there is an issue with a website.

Uptime Robot has no good way to test it that I know of, so it’s worth perhaps creating a monitor you can bring up and down at will if you want to test it.

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