Ben Oliver

Waking Gods

03 October 2023

Part 2 of The Themis Files series. As the world comes to terms with the discovery of alien techonology buried in the ground for thousands of years, a second robot suddenly appears in London and starts to attack humanity.

I enjoyed part one of the series, and it’s great to see that Neuvel has stuck with his ‘found footage’ style for the books. In Waking Gods he significantly turns up the pace, with everything blowing up everywhere and humankind potentially facing extinction.

He’s got a neat trick of always buring the lede, putting a crucial piece of action into a seemingly unrelated file. It’s like a series of mini-twists and turns as the picture of what’s going on becomes clearer.

Perhaps the format stifles the action a little. The prose gets a bit clumsy when it’s trying to decribe more complex scenes though interviews and recordings. This stands out a little more now that’s there’s more action overall.

But it’s still an enjoyable ride and I’m looking forward to checking out the third and final part of the series.

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