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2023-03-28 Improving link display for print - Jekyll edition
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2020-12-22 Reserving space for images in Jekyll
2020-07-24 Please, don’t crop down my password if it is too long
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2019-09-06 How to use Gotify with Uptime Robot
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2018-09-18 It’s the International Day Against DRM #IDAD
2018-09-07 Facebook ‘recommendations’ are often quite the opposite
2018-02-18 Richard Stallman at Goodenough College, London
2018-02-09 How to close all IRC PMs at once in Weechat
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2017-07-15 A Simple, Solarized, Weechat Setup - v2.0
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2016-02-27 How to block ads and trackers on your firewall with pfBlocker
2016-02-10 How to format an SD card to work with a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ using Linux
2016-01-23 Taking quick notes in the terminal
2015-10-20 How to Soft-Brute Force Your GPG Passphrase
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2015-03-24 run-one - ensure your cron jobs end before they repeat
2014-12-13 Volumio Turns Your Raspberry Pi Into A High Quality Stereo
2014-12-06 Quick tips for writing prose with Vim
2014-11-28 Google Cardboard
2014-09-11 Google Account Passwords Leaked
2014-06-18 Paperlater: Your Online Articles, in a Newspaper
2014-06-17 A simple cron expression calculator
2014-06-09 RuTorrent/rtorrent deletes data when removing torrent
2014-06-02 Piratebox gets a 1.0 release
2014-04-26 I (maybe?) got slammed off my phone line
2014-04-08 The Heartbleed Bug
2014-02-18 A Simple, Solarized, Weechat Setup
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2014-01-14 Piratebox - A Private Internet In Your Pocket
2014-01-06 Buying IT Gear: Sometimes You Have To Know When To Take The Dull Road