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The Sheffield Pork Sandwich Tour: Sallies

25 November 2022

It’s time I embarked on a quest to talk about one of Sheffield’s local delicacies: the roast pork sandwich. Most places have some sort of offering, some more well known than others. We kick off with Sallies in the Moor Market.


This is a well known stand in the market but their pork sandwich doesn’t often get discussed in the local pork sandwich council meetings.

A roast pork sandwich

I ordered one with dripping instead of butter, since that is quite often the standard choice around here. Sounds disgusting but generally it’s a good choice.

I’d say this was a mistake in this case, since the dripping was just jelly out of a pot instead of having come from the joint itself. They could have at least heated it up. Most of it fell out before I even ate the sandwich.

A roast pork sandwich

The sandwich itself is good though. Nice and succulent, with good stuffing, apple sauce and crackling. It’s a classic setup with chunky bits of pork and a slab of very good crackling. All on a lovely soft breadcake.

Perhaps there’s a touch too much fat on there, but that’s better than a dry sandwich so I won’t complain too much.

A good sandwich that leaves you wanting a couple more bites, just the right size for a light lunch.

Stay tuned for more if I don’t have a heart attack first.

Price: £3.50
Address: The Moor Market, The Moor, Sheffield, S1 4PF

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