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The Sheffield Pork Sandwich Tour: Deli West

02 June 2023

We’re back baby and we’re on Sheffield’s premier party street - West Street. Turns out once you’re this far up West Street it’s called Glossop Road.

Deli West is not where you go to party, rather where the local office workers and University staff go for a reasonably cheap and cheerful sandwich.

Of course, they do pork sandwiches.

Deli West

The elements here are medium-thin cut pork, gravy, stuffing, apple sauce and crackling. Here you see I ordered a granary roll which is possibly heresy, I can only ask for forgiveness from the pork sandwich board.

Deli West pork sandwich

The texture wasn’t quite there, particularly with the crackling, but in terms of flavour the stuffing apple and gravy pulled together to make a really nice sandwich.

Not the best, not the worst, and very reasonable at the price.

Price: £3.80
Address: 282 Glossop Road, Sheffield S10 2HS

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