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The Sheffield Pork Sandwich Tour: Woody’s Sandwich Bar

08 January 2024

Happy New Year! Yes you may be surprised to hear I made to 2024 without a heart attack, in spite of all these reviews.

We’ve gone out to a frequently recommended place today: Woody’s. Well known in the local area as a top sandwich place.

Woody's Sandwich Bar

They are always really friendly in Woody’s and I quite like going there. Their menu is far far bigger than just pork sandwiches, but we must stay focused on our mission.

a Woody's Sandwich Bar pork sandwich

The bun is on the small side but over-stuffed with pork. The pork is served in hog-roast style chunks. There’s stuffing and apple sauce to help grease the wheels a little.

This was a tasty sandwich, but dare I say a little dry in the thicker parts. When you get an even mix of stuffing, sauce and pork Woody’s is lovely but it could do with a little lubrication throughout.

Inside a Woody's Sandwich Bar pork sandwich

Woody’s need to think long and hard about renaming the shop to something more family friendly. I like a good stuffing as much as the next guy but when all you want is a nice greasy bit of pork on a bap or two you shouldn’t be having to think about filth. Tits.

Price: £4.10
Address: 657 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield S11 8PT

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