Ben Oliver


The Sheffield Pork Sandwich Tour: Kings Deli and Sandwich Shop

14 February 2023

I love Sheffield but god this is part of town is really down on its luck. Down one of the side streets between Wilko and B&M Bargains lies a little row of shops, the kind of shops you wouldn’t immediately think are actually open and trading.

Here lies Kings [sic] Deli and Sandwich Shop, our latest stop on the pork tour of the Steel City.

Kings Deli and Sandwich Shop 1

Outside the shop it’s people fighting at the bus stop, shouting and scaring mums walking by with their kids. A woman sells dodgy phone cases on a solitary, ad-hoc fold-out table.

Inside however it’s a different story, the staff are friendly, and even on a Tuesday morning there were a few punters in there getting pork sandwiches.

A roast pork sandwich 2

The sandwich itself is pretty standard fare, chunky pork, apple sauce, stuffing, dripping and crackling. The dripping is freshly made every day, and it adds a lot to the experience.

The crackling was a little thin and rubbery. The pork itself just a touch too dry. But the taste was spot on and it all came in a good quality breadcake.

The inside of a roast pork sandwich 3

Inflation is hitting these places hard, £3.80 seems a lot for what should be one of the cheaper places to eat, but it still gets the thumbs up from me. It’s a much needed beacon of friendliness and good food in a street that’s hitting rock bottom.

Price: £3.80
Address: 20 Dixon Lane, Sheffield S1 2AL

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