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The Sheffield Pork Sandwich Tour: Yummy Stuff

05 February 2023

2023: A Pork Odyssey continues. Today it’s a really glitzy location.

Yummy Stuff

You might think that you’ve hit rock bottom when you’re eating Sunday lunch off the dashboard of a Citroen Berlingo in a B&Q car park in Sheffield, and to some extent you’d be right.

However, Yummy Stuff proves you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. To put it succintly, they do a fucking good roast pork bap.

A roast pork sandwich

It’s almost like a British take on pulled pork, with gravy instead of barbecue sauce. It’s beautifully tender, stringy and saucy and works wonderfully with its stuffing and apple sauce. It came with a bit of broken crackling on top, slightly charred on mine which worked really well.

The one drawback (apart from the fact you are sat in a B&Q car park) is the price. At £4.50 this is one of the priciest I think I have seen anywhere. I was surprised they accepted card payment but when I saw the price it started to make sense. Perhaps the cost of living crisis is catching up with the food vans, or perhaps they know people can’t resist the smell wafting out all over the place.

A little gem, well worth a trip in the middle of a horrible day of DIY. If you do go, the foot long sausages also looked really nice.

Price: £4.50
Address: B&Q Car Park, Queens Road, Sheffield S2 4DR

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