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The Sheffield Pork Sandwich Tour: Lily’s

24 June 2023

Ladies and gentlemen our next stop on the tour takes us to Hillsborough, where we will be visiting the local landmark Lily’s Bakery. If you’d like to get off the next bus will be around in 20 minutes.

Lily's bakery

I always liked the effort they put into the exterior, it’s in quite a prominent position on Penistone Road (yes I know, penis town) so it sort of lures you in.

a Lily's pork sandwich

As pork sandwiches go, this deserves a slot in the pantheon with Beres. Thin cut, dipped in dripping, with stuffing and apple sauce on a fresh baked breadcake.

a Lily's pork sandwich

Lily’s specialises in making oven-bottom breadcakes and sure enough they taste fantastic here. Any sandwich would be worth a try.

If I were to nitpick I’d say that maybe they over-do the dripping and it’s a tad greasy. Also, there’s no crackling.

A sign in Lily's with their little piglet logo

However, this is a tender, tasty sandwich that is very similar to Beres in style yet manages to be less salty and of a different texture thanks to it’s unique breadcake.

A local classic that deserves its popularity.

Price: £3.80
Address: 907 Penistone Road, Sheffield S6 2DD

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